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Glamor Mag is a magazine that reports about glamor, gossip, rumours and scandals all revolving around celebrities that you know!

Want to know who did what and with whom? Perhaps even interested in the big why? If it’s a story, we have it on Glamor Mag!

How do we Serve You?

We search the web and find the stories as they happen. Then we put them together in small articles, easy for you to get an overview. Interested in an article simply click through to the original website.

By categorizing the stories and sorting them into subjects that might attract different people, we cater to the up-to-date Internet savy websumer who wants to stay abreast of his stars and their lives.

Is it a scandal? or just an interesting story? Frankly, if a celebrity is involved and it has hit the news… guess what: IT IS NEWS. In fact, it is Glamor Magazine News.

Are you looking to find out who your favorite pop star is currently being friendly with? (haven’t we put this nicely??). Chances are it is news and you will find it here on glamor mag.

Oh, and one more thing: Timing is important. What kind of news appears in the media the next day? Arrr – except newspapers, of course… We want to give you the latest almost as it happens. That is why we are on constant alert and scan the media constantly. If a scandal hits the news, you’ll be sure to find it right here.

Have fun!